Gispen creëert duurzaam en design kantoormeubilair. We creëren omgevingen die een positieve invloed hebben op mensen. En stimuleren duurzaam gebruik. Dat doen we al meer dan 100 jaar. Samen met klanten, nationale en internationale ontwerpers en architecten, partners en leveranciers werken we aan verrassende en duurzame oplossingen voor werk-, zorg-, onderwijs- en hospitality-omgevingen.

We kiezen voor circulair ontwerpen, produceren en ondernemen. Innovatief ontwerpen en produceren, slim gebruik en waardebehoud zijn belangrijke uitgangspunten voor Royal Ahrend.

Over Gispen

Over Gispen


Gispen was founded in the Netherlands in 1916 and has built an enviable reputation when it comes to creating products that have become iconic in terms of design, innovation, inspiration and sustainability. Our Giso lighting and the classic steel tube chairs are just a few of the many iconic products designed for the home and office. Each of the designs being an innovative step at that point in time. Over the years this has evolved into creating inspiring activity based solutions for the office and subsequently also for healthcare and education environments.


Circular economy

A circular economy is one that is restorative and regenerative by design, and which focusses on constantly maximising the usefulness and value of products, components and materials.

Gispen strongly believes in the circular economy. As a designer, manufacturer and supplier, we feel responsible for our surroundings. The principles of the circular approach are therefore highly influential in our design as well as in all other aspects of the development process – such as determining the most effective manner of production and ultimately recycling. By closely working together with our clients and partners in realising our ambitions on achieving maximum sustainability we are able to create the most inspiring sustainable interiors.



Design is at its best when it enhances your life. The better a product is designed the more inspiring the effect will be on people. Gispen has a long history of designing products that are practical, well-thought-out, sustainable and slightly unconventional (but only when we are convinced that it serves a purpose of course). Gispen designs are always designed to bring out the best in people. We create products and environments that optimally enable activities such as communicating, concentrating and relaxing. Whether it concerns your working, education, healthcare or living environment.

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